Activist / Urbanist / Environmentalist / Analyst

I am a self-taught full-stack GIS Developer meaning I analyze and visualize spatial datasets - often with a focus on city-design, climate change, and the growing socio-economic divide. My goal is to help organizations translate complex research topics into easy-to-digest visual narratives in order to reach wide audiences.

I am the founder of TucsonPathways.org - a bicycle advocacy organization, centered on data-analytics of city infrastructure. The Pathways web-app calculates alternative bike-commutes optimized for safer, quieter, more scenic rides. My goal is two fold: promote less stressful bike-commuting for potential-riders, raise our collective literacy of daily CO2 use.

I graduated with distinction in Applied Mathematics & Environmental Hydrology from the University of Arizona, self-paying my way through college.

I am self-taught in numerous languages, libraries, softwares, and dev-principles - Javascript/Node/ES6, HTML, CSS, Mapbox-gl, Mapkit (Apple Maps), Turf, Leaflet, Graphhopper, some D3, some Firebase, some Python, Mapbox-Studio, Tippecanoe, QGIS, ArcGIS, Spatial Analysis Toolsets, OpenStreetMap, Git Version Control, NPM, state-management, module-design patterns, custom-element design (ie js web-components), OOP, Backend-Dev (Express, MongoDB), Netlify/Heroku Deployment, Microsoft Office Suite, Linux environments (Ubuntu 22.04), along with several others smaller supplementary programs.

I am a published technical writer with the United States Geological Survey for my work in using GIS methods to improve estimates of agricultural water-use. I have been formally acknowledged in a publication by the World Resources Institute for my GIS contributions to the Forest Conservation Natural Infrastructure Program.

I currently work as a software developer for Kagi.com - a privacy focused search-engine startup. Spearheading our map platform, I focuses on UX/UI, geospatial data integration, and feature design. In my spare time, I am working to scale TucsonPathways across national coverage.

In past years, I've worked as a bike mechanic, warehouse laborer, bartender, hydrological technican, research analyst, community-farm worker, movie critic, youth rock-climbing coach, and volunteer through the Covid-19 vaccine effort. In spare time, I love bike-touring, playing competitive ultimate frisbee, and cooking veggie sautes.